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The Circassian Nation had to live in disarray all over the world as a result of the genocide and exile it suffered. Although they have managed to preserve their cultures, languages and lifestyles to a certain extent in different societies, it is considered that all these values are in danger of disappearing over time. In addition, the fact that the Circassians living in Circassia, which is under Russian occupation, obliged to learn Russian, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to receive education in their mother tongue, Circassian, causes concern about the future of Circassian language, Circassian Culture and Circassian identity.

The fact that the Circassians in Circassia live in three different autonomous republics and settlements outside the borders of these republics, instead of a common state, negatively affects the communication and solidarity between each other. Ethnic population operations, which have become a tradition of the Russian state system, also manifest themselves in the process of establishing autonomous Circassian republics.

In addition to this divided structure of Circassia, the relations between the motherland and the diaspora are also at an extremely limited level. It is known that Russia tries to prevent effective communication between the Circassians living in Circassia and the diaspora at every opportunity. Moreover, countless intellectuals, activists and young people who offer ideas about the rights and interests of the Circassian Nation, voice their objections, and seek justice are destroyed by unsolved murders.

The rich resources in the motherland of Circassia are also processed and used in line with the interests of the Russians rather than the Circassians living in Circassia. Circassia and the Circassian Nation are trying to preserve their existence under very difficult conditions, both because all the resources of Circassia are being exploited and because the Circassians are more and more prevented from living with their own culture, language and lifestyle.

All these developments made it necessary for the Circassian Nation to carry its struggle for existence to the international arena and to act jointly against the Russian occupation, assimilation and destruction policies by receiving political, economic and legal support. For this reason, the Council of United Circassia, whose ultimate aim is the establishment of the Independent Republic of Circassia on the historical Circassian lands, was realized on January 21, 2023 with the participation of delegates from the motherland and diaspora.

The Council of United Circassia is the leading non-governmental organization that will unite the Circassians living in the historical Circassian lands and the Circassians living in the diaspora around the idea of independence as a single nation.

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