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On Some Person and NGOs to Request Assistance from the RF, March 18, 2023

Announcement From the Council of United Circassia to the Great Circassian Nation.


It is observed that the Putin regime, which has lost its legitimacy, has carried out inhuman and unlawful actions in the territory of Circassia as well as in Ukraine in the last year.


In this context:


Russia continues its policy of relocating Ukrainian minorities to Circassia, which it started during the Tsarist period. It is observed that the invader Russian Federation has settled thousands of Slavic war fugitives who fled from Ukraine in masses to the Republic of Adygea, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, and other regions in the historical Circassian territory, as if there was no other place in Russia. It is an historical reality that the Slavic masses, who dream of establishing a “Kuban Cossack State” in the territory of Circassia today, are composed of similar fugitives that Tsarist Russia settled in the vacant places in Circassia as a result of the genocide and exile of the Circassians.


The Russian Federation has been carrying out a biological attack in Circassia, using these masses, the majority of which are young men of fighting age. In the Republic of Adygea it was determined that these war fugitives, who were settled in the Republic of Adygea and the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, are carrying HIV virus, but this issue was covered by the Russian state units. The invader Russian Federation, by using this Slavic origin masses fleeing from Ukraine, is not only concentrating this warrior masses that it will use in the civil war in the post-Russian period but also creating a sensitivity on the local population in Circassia by using the infectious diseases as a biological weapon.


On the other hand, the Russian Federation  conscripts and sends Circassian youth to the front. Russia imposes compulsory military service on young people in order to reduce the native population of Circassia, while paving the way for the use of alcohol and drugs to increase addictions among young Circassians.


It has been observed with astonishment in recent days that non-governmental organizations both in the diaspora and in Circassia have addressed the invader Russian Federation and have made calls to the invader Russian Federation to help the Circassians, who are under difficult conditions due to the earthquakes in Türkiye.


This is unacceptable! The Russian Federation is an invading, genocidal state that has completely lost its legitimacy! In addition, the Russian Tsardom, Soviet Russia and today the Russian Federation have always demonstrated a will to exploit Circassia and to destroy the Circassians. For this reason, our people and non-governmental organizations should not be dealt with until this invading state is destroyed and leave the Circassia.


Moreover, the Russian Federation has officially blocked the direct delivery of hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid money collected by our people living in Circassia for the Circassians of Turkey affected by the earthquake. Russia obviously hinders the Circassians of homeland and diaspora from being in solidarity even on a humanitarian issue such as an earthquake. In these conditions, taking such a state seriously as the legitimate interlocutor and expecting the Circassian people to behave positively about their national problems is an irrational behavior that does not match reality.


We invite our people and all our NGOs to be organized under the umbrella of the United Circassian Council around the idea of an Independent United Circassia.


Long live the Independent United Circassia!


The Council of United Circassia

March 18, 2023

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