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Support Letter of the World Chechen Congress, March 08, 2023

The World Chechen Congress appealed to the Ukrainian Parliament on 07th March 2023 and called for the Ukrainian Parliament to recognize the Circassian Genocide committed by Russia. As the Council of United Circassia, we would like to express our gratitude to the brotherly Chechen people at the World Chechen Congress for their interest and sensitivity, presented with this call.

The English version of the letter of support is as follows.

Dear President,
On behalf of the World Chechen Congress, I would like to express our deepest respects to the brave citizens of Ukraine. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine who recognized the Russian occupation of the territory of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and the genocide against the Chechen people. Throughout the history we know, the Ukrainian and Chechen peoples lived in mutual respect and mutual assistance. And modern history also confirms the characteristic and moral closeness of peoples.

In this call, we petition for the recognition of Russia's genocide against the Circassian people in the 19th century during the Caucasian War and during the deportation period. We Chechens convey to you the bitter words about the terrible genocide of the Circassian people, from the words of the truth that reached us from our ancestors who shared the same fate. There is a list of documented testimonies of eyewitnesses, in stories, novels, poems, reports, oral-written transmissions, archives. It also appears in the reports of German generals in the service of Russian emperors who accepted it in the Caucasian War in the 19th century. The genocide did not stop during the exile of the Circassians to the Ottoman Empire, either.

Our fraternal Circassian people fought shoulder to shoulder with Chechens and other Caucasians against Russia's aggression. No nation on earth except the Chechen people can understand the full depth of this grief and immeasurable grief of the Circassian people! Since the level of brutal violence against the Circassians is comparable to the genocides of the Chechens. That's why we help each other and fight together for Ukraine against our common enemy.

In this context, the World Chechen Congress calls on the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to recognize the genocide of the Circassian people and assist it in the establishment of the UN Tribunal!

Glory to Ukraine!

President of the World Chechen Congress
Doctor of Law, Professor Denis Teps

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