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The Circassian Nation, who was subjected to genocide by the Russian Empire in their homeland in the 19th century and the majority of those who survived the genocide, were exiled, today, with its millions of inhabitants, are struggling for existence in dozens of countries around the world to keep their mother tongues, ethnic identities and cultures alive and to return to their homeland, Circassia.


At the point we have reached today, under the conditions of change, transformation and power struggle in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Motherland of Circassia and the whole world; There is an urgent need for an organization that will undertake the mission of maintaining the existence of the Circassian Nation, protecting the homeland of Circassia, and conveying its historical, cultural, economic, legal and political problems to states, parliaments, congresses, diplomatic missions and other international organizations in the international arena. The ultimate goal of this organization is to establish an Independent Circassia on the historical Circassian lands.

This organization, which was established, will work towards the goal of creating an independent state structure in the homeland of Circassia, which has been forced to live in different autonomous republics under the sovereignty of the Russian Federation and whose demographic structure is being tried to deteriorate.

This organization aims to make international actors aware of the anti-democratic practices by the Russian Federation to change the demographic structure in the homeland of Circassia, the policy of oppression and destruction against Circassian intellectuals, activists and youth, the human rights violations against Circassians, the Circassian genocide and exile, the assimilation processes in the homeland and in the diaspora. In addition, it will work to gain political and economic support and will fight with all its might to reach the final goal of the Circassian Nation in its struggle for existence. Another purpose of the organization is to represent the Circassian Nation before both the UN and organizations at the UN and other international organizations and states.


In the light of these developments and thoughts; In order to rebuild the future of the Circassian Nation, with the participation of the delegates from the Motherland and the Circassian Diaspora, it was decided to implement an international organization called the Council of United Circassia (CUC), which will bring the struggle for existence of the Circassian Nation to the agenda of the free world within the framework of the idea of Independent Circassia.


Full Name of the Organization: COUNCIL OF UNITED CIRCASSIA

Abbreviation: CUC


Country: POLAND



Phone: +90532 301 55 32

E – mail: /



Registration place: LUBLIN, POLAND

Date of registration: 11 September 2023

Registration number: NIP: 9462732009



5.1. The CUC is an independent non-governmental organization.

5.2. The ultimate goal of the CUC organization is to establish Free Circassia.

5.3. Council of United Circassia defends the rights of the Circassian Nation within the framework of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, UN International Covenant on Economic, Social, Cultural Rights and other international laws.

5.4. Circassia, mentioned in this document by the CUC includes the existing borders before the war launched by the Russian Tsardom and the Russian Empire against the Circassians. These borders consist of an area of approximately 190 thousand km² between the Don-Manic rivers in the North, Chechnya Ingushetia and Dagestan in the East, the Caucasus Mountains and the Bzib River in the South, and the Black Sea and Azov Sea in the West.

5.5. The core values of the CUC are universal values adopted by the free world, such as democracy, human rights, rule of law, equality, freedom of religion and conscience, freedom of expression and thought, and individual freedoms. The CCC is a part of the free world and will act together with the free world.

5.6. Regardless of where they live, the Circassians, who call themselves “Adyghe” endo-ethnically, constitute a single nation inseparable from each other, therefore the Circassian Nation is an indivisible whole.

5.7. The CUC defends that the Circassian Nation should have the right to free self-determination in its territory, Circassia.

5.8. The CUC will evaluate the conjunctural developments and the changes in balance of power in the world in order to achieve the Circassian Nation's struggle for existence until the end.

5.9. The CUC is against all forms of violence, terrorism, racism, and all forms of discrimination between people, including religion and language. The CUC advocates that the problems of the Circassian Nation should be resolved peacefully on the basis of mutual rights.

5.10. The CUC will undertake to represent the Circassian Nation in the UN Represented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) and the General Assembly of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples. To this end, it will initiate the application process for the admission of the Circassian Nation as a member of the UN Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization.

5.11. The representation of the CUC includes the UN and other UN agencies, states and all other international organizations.

5.12. The lands belonging to the Circassians were occupied and colonized by the Russian Tsardom and the Russian Empire. Every Circassian, wherever he/she is in the world, has inherent, inalienable and inalienable rights over the territory of Circassia, including the unconditional and immediate right of return. The idea and aim of returning to the lands of free Circassia is an integral part of the national identity of every Circassian, no matter what country they live in. The CUC struggles for a return to the homeland of Free Circassia.

5.13. The CUC will ask the Russian Federation, the heir of Tsarist Russia, to formally apologize to the Circassian Nation before international law for the genocide and exile applied to the Circassian Nation, and to compensate the Circassian nation for all losses.


The CUC consists of thirty permanent members representing the Motherland and the diaspora. The thirty-person council determines the Chairman and the members of the executive committee from among themselves by majority vote in its ordinary congress. The CUC also determines the members of the three-person supervisory board.

6.1. EXECUTIVE BOARD; It consists of the Chairman, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General and three members. The Chairman distributes the duties among the members of the executive board. The term of office of the executive board is five years.



6.2.1. Circassian Genocide Awareness Commission

6.2.2. Census Research Commission

6.2.3. Training Commission

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