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About the Claims on the Historical Lands of Circassia, Feb05, 2023

In recent days, in the statements made on international platforms and social media it is observed that the borders of the Circassian lands have been opened for discussion as a part of imaginary and unrealistic projects such as the Mountainous Republic or the Kuban Republic. Due to this situation, as the Council of United Circassia it was deemed appropriate to make the following statement.

The Circassian Nation is an autochthonous people that gave its name to Circassia. It is an indisputable fact that the regions where the Circassian Nation has lived throughout history are clearly stated in historical texts. In the map prepared by the Council of United Circassia under the guidance of reliable historical texts, the borders of the historical Circassia lands are clearly shown.

The Circassian Nation has paid a great price to protect the historical Circassia lands for centuries. Finally, the Circassian Nation, which struggled against Tsarist Russia for 101 years, but whose population was exiled as a result of the genocide and exile, today has been forced to live in a very limited area on the historical Circassia lands. Circassia is unjustly under occupation today.

It is well known that Tsarist Russia, in accordance to the colonial purposes, settled Armenians, Cossacks and other ethnic elements in historical Circassia lands, where it occupied and emptied by genocide and exile. Today, the ideas of these settlers who were settled in Circassia, to establish an independent state on the lands of Circassia are never acceptable.

These ethnic elements living on the historical lands of Circassia will be honorable citizens of the democratic and independent Circassia that will be established in the future. Any idea that ignores the Circassians and the idea of an Independent Circassia will not be accepted by the Circassian Nation. The Circassian Nation is not hostile to other Caucasian peoples. However, the Circassian Nation is determined to fight to the end against the unjust and baseless plans and policies on the homeland that has been unjustly taken away and occupied.

The Circassian Nation will never give up on its homeland and will fight to the end with all the elements that will come up against them in order to obtain the historical Circassia lands. We openly declare to the whole world and to the relevant parties that the Council of United Circassia is determinedly marching towards the goal of establishing an independent Circassian State on the historical Circassia lands. The Council of United Circassia, on behalf of the Circassian Nation, will continue its struggle with determination until the independent Circassian State is established on the historical Circassia lands.

On this occasion, on behalf of the Circassian Nation, we invite all those who are planning on the territory of Circassia to refrain from irresponsible rhetoric, actions, political ambitions that do not comply with historical facts, and all kinds of initiatives contrary to the rights and interests of the Circassian Nation.

Chairman of the Council of United Circassia
Feb 05, 2023

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