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The Circassian Youth Sent to the Ukrainian Front by the Russian Army, Jan31, 2023

On January 31, 2023, at 14:30, a press statement was made by Kenan Kaplan, Chairman of the Council of United Circassia, at the Consulate General of the Ukrainian State in Istanbul about the Circassian youth sent to the Ukrainian front by the Russian Army. 


We have learned with sadness that many Circassian youths, who were forcibly recruited by the Russian army and sent to the Ukrainian front, lost their lives in the battles with Ukraine in the past months. It is not possible to consider Ukraine responsible for the deaths of Circassian youth because of its efforts to defend the homeland. It is known that Circassian youth did not go to the front voluntarily. Various videos on social media platforms show that Circassian youths tried to resist during their forced conscription and that many people protesting this situation clashed with the Russian security forces. Moreover, it is known that those with financial means left their country after the declaration of mobilization in order not to be a part of this dirty war. Unfortunately, many Circassian youth with insufficient financial means were forcibly sent to the front and forced to face death. There are many videos on social media showing that young people who were recruited by force are inexperienced and uneducated, and sent to the front with very old and broken equipment and weapons. The information received from the field also confirms the accuracy of the issues described in these videos. This is a proof that Russia is driving the Circassian youth to the front to sacrifice. In this respect, Russia has committed a crime against humanity with an ethnic-based population operation under the pretext of supplying soldiers to the Ukrainian front.


In addition, the information received from the front line is that the Russian army remained unconcerned with rescuing the dead bodies and the wounded ones of the Circassian youth. It was learned that about 1000 of the soldiers sent from Circassia to the front lost their lives. Bringing about 60 bodies to Circassia was possible with the efforts of his friends at the front. The Russian Federation does not take any initiative regarding the transfer of the bodies and their delivery to their families. It has been learned that the Russian army destroyed the bodies by burying them in the pits dug with an excavator, and said "your son disappeared at the front" in order not to pay compensation to the families of the dead soldiers.


At this point, the only responsible for these deaths and inhuman practices is the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation is trying to get rid of its ethnically non-Russian citizens by driving these peoples to the front. With this practice, it is clearly seen that the Circassian genocide continues with different methods.


As the Council of United Circassia, we strongly condemn the Russian Federation's sacrificing Circassian youth in this dirty war launched by the Russian Federation with the aim of occupying Ukraine for imperial purposes. We also argue that the authorities of the Russian Federation, who forced innocent people to fight and die, should be held responsible for this crime against humanity and should be judged.




Following the press release, the letter prepared by the Council of United Circassia in order to be forwarded to the President of Ukraine, Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was delivered to the Consulate General of the Ukraine in Istanbul.

Click to the PDF icon below to read the letter!

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