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A dynamic structure exists in the Western countries in the manner of human rights and rule of law. Additionally, there are numerous international agreements or conventions recognizing the fundamental rights of nations such as self-determination and freedom of expression.

Although we have many skillful young Circassians from all corners of the world, we do not have adequate individuals struggling in international arena for Circassian nation's rights and future. Current associations seem having only dance, language, and other folkloric courses to lead Circassian youth to an ambiguous future.

However, we need qualified and determined young people to represent Circassian nation, who will take initiative to defend politic, economic, legal, and social rights of Circassian nation throughout the world. 

Liking on social media, tweeting, sharing, posting or being tt are not enough for the restoration of the nation and to defend our rights. We need something more than screaming, crying, or mourning.  


We need to take part at every single democratic and legal event to defend the rights of Circassian nation and to fight against assimilation.


As a result of this approach, Amin Samkough Academy (Amin Samkough Yecape) is built as an e-learning project which aims to organize training programs, including but not limited to;

  • Circassian History

  • Human rights and humanitarian law

  • Human rights and peoples' diplomacy

  • Freedom of expression

  • Genocide and international law

  • Diplomacy

  • International organizations and mechanisms

  • Public speaking

  • Minority rights

  • Conflict resolution

  • Language rights

  • Youth issues

  • Gender discrimination

  • Environmental justice

If you interest to take part at this project as a trainee or a lecturer, please use the button below for the registration. You can support this project by sharing with your acquaintances. Thank you!

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