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Announcement to Circassian Nation against ICA manipulations, Jan30, 2023

To the attention of Circassian People!

The Russian Federation has been carrying out fifth-column activities on the Circassians of Turkey since the Cold War period. Within the framework of these activities, it is seen that some Circassian artists, wing leaders, associations, and federations were inflected and they joined the organization called International Circassian Association (ICA), which is headquartered within the Russian Federation today.This group, some of which were recruited by blackmail, some with the promise of financial gain, and some because of being open to manipulation, is actively used by the Russian Federation to manipulate the Circassians of Turkey and the diaspora. 

The leader of the ICA, Sohroqo Hauti, has been manipulating the Circassian people and the diaspora for his own financial interests, status, and success. The leader of the ICA, Sohroqo Hauti, is an enemy of our people, and directly subordinated to Moscow and works under the Federal Security Service (FSB)'s chain of command. He is a permanent member of the Russian Federation who denies the Circassian genocide. It is seen that this group in Turkey has been actively used and directed by the ICA for the purpose of black propaganda during the Ukrainian-Russian War, which the Russian Federation started for the invasion of the independent Ukrainian state and has been continuing for 11 months.

Diaspora Circassians were introduced by the ICA as if they are on the side of the Russian Federation and the occupation of Ukraine is considered legitimate. A signed declaration circulated among diaspora Circassians is based on it. In fact, many people among diaspora Cirasssians who are really against the war are being used to this disinformation without realizing what purpose it actually serves.

However, the Russian Federation has openly occupied a part of the territory of an independent country using conventional weapons. Moreover, many untrained, unarmed and unwilling Circassian youth were forcibly recruited by the Russian Federation and sent to the fronts. Today, about 1000 of the young Circassian people, who were forcibly recruited, lost their lives in this war. The Circassian people lost thousands of their youth at the front because of the invading policy of the Russian Federation. 

Russia also continues its occupying and colonialist policy on Circassia through the Ukraine war. Russia, which has sent thousands of young people of Circassia to an absolute death on the fronts, is rapidly issuing passports to tens of thousands of Russian settlers fleeing from Ukraine to locate in the historical lands of Circassia, Sochi, Krasnador, Stavropol, Kabardino-Balkaria, the Republic of Adygea and Karachay-Cherkesk. places in the region. Although Russia has huge territories, tens of thousands of Russian fugitives are settled only in the historical Circassian territory. Through these actions, Russia is not only destroying the youth of the Circassian people but also filling and colonizing Circassia with fugitive Russians once again.

In the statement in question, while trying to vindicate Russia's genocidal, invader, and colonialist policy, which we mentioned above, the target is diverted with a tactical move, and Mr. Ibrahim Yagan is being bullied. It is mentioned that a so-called "proxy war" has been started by pointing to the calls for resistance made by Mr. İbrahim Yağan and the ideal of Free Circassia. What is actually happening is a conventional war. Moreover, it is the Russian Federation itself that makes the youth of the Circassian people fight by proxy and sends thousands to death. 

We have to express the following clear truth against these declarations, which were written in order to tarnish the libertarian and anti-occupation honorable stance of Mr. Ibrahim Yagan, Deputy Chairman of the Council of United Circassia: Within the scope of Ibrahim Yagan's actions and activities, not a single Circassian individual has lost his life so far. Throughout their history, it has been an honor for Circassians to resist the occupation. Mr. Ibrahim Yagan protested the occupation of Ukraine by Russia and resisted the occupation with his actions and ideas. Mr. Ibrahim Yagan represents the honor of the Circassian people.

On the other hand, in the statement in question, historical facts are distorted. What are written about Poland and Georgia is unacceptable. 

Georgia is the only state that recognizes the Circassian Genocide. Nothing can change this fact. Georgia will be a country where the independent and United Circassia in the future will establish relations in peace. Today, the Georgian state has not only recognized the Circassian Genocide but has also established the official Circassian Cultural Center, which scientifically researches and tries to develop the knowledge about the Circassian history, culture, and tradition. 

Another country mentioned in the declaration is Poland. Poland is a country that has been exposed to Russian occupation and massacres many times throughout history, but has gained its independence. Poland is a country that has supported the glorious resistance of Circassia, which lasted 101 years, with its soldiers at all levels. In addition, Circassians of Turkey moved their organizations, which were disbanded with the proclamation of the republic in Turkey after 1923, to Poland and carried out the homeland struggle in Warsaw until the occupation of Poland by the USSR. Poland is a country that has been an ally of Circassia and the Circassian people throughout the history. 

We are fighting for the days when the independent United Circassia in the future will be a part of Europe as a democratic independent country and live in peace and cooperation with the aforementioned countries. 

We would like to remind the people and institutions that signed the pro-occupation declaration: You are a partner in the dirty war that was started against the values of the civilized world, the rule of law and human rights, and all the crimes being committed against humanity in this war. Ukraine is an independent and sovereign state. The occupation of Ukraine is unacceptable for any reason.

Finally, we declare to our people: It will be our duty to expose all groups that obscure the facts, try to mislead the Circassian people, and support the occupation policy of the Russian Federation. This is our greatest responsibility in the presence of history.

We announce respectfully to the Great Circassian Nation

The Council of United Circassia 

Jan 30, 2023

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